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 Public Bath Pressは、日本についての興味深い、または面白いと思うことを出版する、小規模な株式会社です。1980年代後半に始まった歴史的なインディーレコード会社、Public Bath Recordsの後継者的な会社です。出版物は英語ですが、会社は日本に在籍しています。


Public Bath Press is a small press dedicated to publishing interesting things about Japan. It is the successor company to the legendary indie label Public Bath Records, known to all since the late 1980s. We publish in English, while maintaining our base in Japan.


Dokkiri!, Gaseneta Wasteland, A Life in Folk (and other bitter songs) are also available through, but be warned that amazon requires us to charge ¥1234 for international shipping, while the real charge for SAL mail is a mere ¥680, which is what we ask you to pay if you order through this site. (The domestic rate difference is ¥350 at amazon, ¥180 here.)



Breaking news!! Gaseneta Wasteland has been named best book of 2017 by the editors of! Congratulations to us and eternal thanks to Osato Toshiharu, wherever he may be watching from.





Creating Enka: The "Soul of Japan" in the Postwar Era

Wajima Yusuke's history of the Japanese popular music that is almost universally considered to be traditional but that is not. A great history not just of the music, but also of the political and social climate of the postwar era, especially the 1950s and 1960s.

Highly recommended.  When this book first appeared, a few years ago, it was considered a radical rehistoricizing of something thought to be common sense. Common sense has since realigned itself along Wajima's lines. A complete index of names referenced in the book is available online. Check it out here.

Creating Enka is available in the store for ¥2500.


Shipping will be ¥180 for domestic Japan shipping, ¥580 for SAL airmail, and ¥870 for regular airmail. There have been some problems with SAL recently, but usually it is pretty fast for just one book.




 A Life in Folk (and other bitter songs), the English translation of legendary folk singer Mikai Kan's autobiography is now available. The book comes with a CD of Mikami live in Sapporo in February of 2017. The book is a the complete translation of Folk ni Ikiru, with additional autobiographical writing and interview material added.

Regular international airmail is ¥780 for this book.





Gaseneta Wasteland is now available in our store. Gaseneta was a Tokyo band of the late 1970s, the early days of indies and punk in Japan. Gaseneta played an uncompromising version of what would later be called "artcore," never repeating themselves. Their bassist, Osato Toshiharu, who would go on to study and teach French literature and philosophy, wrote this memoir/novel while living and studying in Paris. Gaseneta never recorded, but many live tapes have been issued on CD and more will be appearing soon. Anyone with an interest in Japanese indies, the Minor scene of Tokyo in the seventies, literature or philosophy will find something of interest here!


 The special offer of book and EP sets is now finished. Thank you to the many fans and friends who ordered that way. From now on, the book, which is still very much available, will be shipped with ¥480 added for SAL airmail, world wide. Yoroshiku!


Named 2017 Book of the Year by the editors of!!!









Dokkiri! Japanese Indies Music 1976-1989 A History and Guide

Our first book is out and now for sale in the store!!

It's time for you to read this comprehensive background to many Japan undergrounds. When it was conceived, it was to be a history of Kansai music, but Tokyo is well represented as well.

Table of contents

1. Rock Magazine, or, Willing a Scene into Existence

2. Taking it to an Audience in Tokyo, or, Do You Wanna Be My Doggg?

3. Kansai Scene Beginnings, or, We Aren't Normal and We Want Our Freedom

4. 1979 Explosion, or, It's the Beginning of the Century

5. Dokkiri! and Other Records, or, Hi, Speed Freaks, Listen In

6. Meanwhile Back in Tokyo, or, Wanna Riot of My Own

7. Oi and Hardcore, or, Punks Not Dead

8. Pure Noise, or, Bad Character, But Great Sound

9. Fun Kalternative, or, I'm Dilletante, I'm Proud

10. Psyche, or, Smell Me Smell My Grandfather

11. None of the Above, or, Wish You are Here


Printable Index to Dokkiri! now available!!! Click here






Show 会 scenezine 1991 in store!

Show会 was a one time only magazine about the music scene of Osaka in 1991. Actually, there were plans for more issues, but it was too much work and with the limited technical skills of the staff of one (not much improved in the last 25 years) it never happened again. Some of the music that was included on the cassettes is available if you search discogs and/or youtube. It's a time capsule, and, as such, it has its charms and its formidable shortcomings. At less than a dollar, it's probably worth every penny.

Go to the store for information about downloading, which is also primitive technically!