Rainy season blues

It's the rainy season, and a serious one here in Kansai, with rain almost every day. Rain is fine, as long as your feet don't get too wet.

As you may know, the proprietor of Public Bath Press has to make ends meet with a day job as a teacher. I'm looking forward to summer vacation, still a few weeks off in Japan, to get to work on our next projects.  Anyone who has requests for books to be translated or topics for other books, let us know. There will be a rush of titles later this year!

If you read Dokkiri! you know I really like the seventies best. I'm thinking of doing something on 1970s Japanese music (not indie) but really need an organizing principle. I don't want to do one of the (ugh) catalog style books that are common here. I suppose I can extend the basic majors vs. good music argument into the heart of the majors? Any thoughts?